Subtitles for Movie: Chris & Don. A Love Story
Depicts the remarkable life of artist Don Bachardy and his relationship with the distinguished writer Christopher Isherwood. Includes footage shot by Chris and Don in the 1950s and interviews with Leslie Caron, John Boorman, Liza Minnelli, and others. Isherwood and Bachardy were open about their life together, regardless of the waves it caused. This was during a period when gay relationships were not acceptable. The age difference in their relationship brought obvious personal problems that had to be addressed. Don often felt disregarded by Chris's famous friends and frequently was. Nevertheless, Bachardy pursued his art career with great energy, painting and drawing every day. Finding a vocation gave Don a sense of fulfillment and independence. He began to realize that he could function independently, which made him question whether he wanted to stay with Isherwood. Don toyed with leaving the relationship and striking out on his own, however he decided not to as he realized his love ...
W.H. Auden, Don Bachardy, Ted Bachardy, James Berg, John Boorman, Paul Bowles, Katherine Bucknell, Leslie Caron, Eduardo Correia, E.M. Forster, Chris Freeman, Charlie Gordon, Kenneth Grimes, Sara S. Hodson, Evelyn Hooker
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Chris & Don - A Love Story (Tina Mascara & Guido Santi, 2007)
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