Subtitles for Movie: Sta radis veceras
Urban omnibus of three stories about problems of youth. Story I - Three young men from New Belgrade block spend their time together. After finishing their secondary school, they wait for a draft call, trying to get some money in an easier way. Story II - Three friends work in a book storehouse. Mother of one of them works in a bar and tries to employ his son there. Meanwhile, he meets a girl from the neighborhood. On the night before his first day at a new job, he and his friends have been not allowed to attend the house party they've been invited to. Without drink and fun, they decide to steal the key of the bar from his mother. Story III - Everything goes fine in the couple's relationship, until she gets job in a countryside thus separating them... but the guy thinks there's more about it.
Slobodan Custic, Vladan Dujovic, Milan Erak, Dusan Golumbovski, Branislav Jerinic, Dragan Jovanovic, Nikola Kojo, Nebojsa Ljubisic, Dejan Matic, Predrag Milinkovic, Aleksandra Miljkovic, Nenad Nenadovic, Savo Radovic, Bozidar Savicevic, Ruzica Sokic
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