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Although this is a high-concept comedy, the basic theme deals with very important and timely issues, a family in trouble, sex roles in modern society and the frustration and misunderstandings between men and women. The story is about a married couple (he is an aging NFL quarterback at the end of his career) with children on the verge of divorce. Their imminent divorce, like many, is due to their mutual lack of respect and compassion for each other and the effect it has on their children. When the family makes a traumatic move to New Orleans they move into an old, Victorian home. There, in the attic, the children think they have found the "magic" to solve their parent's problems. The children accidentally manage to switch the souls of their parents. Now the wife must face the perils of the lockeroom and pressures as family breadwinner and the husband must face pregnancy and bond with his children. Newfound respect and appreciation is gained as the couple finally find out what it's like...
Vivica A. Fox, David Alan Grier, Al Waxman, Scott Cumberbatch, Shadia Simmons, David Keeley, Rue McClanahan, Frank Welker, Louise Stratten, Mark Lutz, Jeffrey Knight, Scott Wickware, John Boylan, Joe Sabatino, Alex Campbell
Peter Bogdanovich
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